It was so good that I stood mesmerised for the entire set. Listening to this band was like walking right into the Louisiana bayou. The musicianship on display from the band was extraordinary…a quality on show in the live set of this band that is hardly seen in this day and age…real passion for the music they are playing. Paul Collins on sax and keyboards: talented is an understatement.”
Jamie Hill, The Ocelot

Anish Noble-Harrison – this lady can really play the blues. Very talented musicians and should get more recognition and deserved praise. ”
Colin Campbell, Blues Matters

Pete Cousins has a voice like it was soaked in a vat of bourbon, left hanging in the smokehouse for a few months and then taken outside and run over with a car.”
Dave Young, The Victoria, Swindon

Pete O’Driscoll is a stalwart percussionist that can turn his talented hands to any instrument requiring beat, rhythm and body. What a craftsman he is.”
Joy Hanley, Green Man Music

The humungus talent that is Michael King on Guitar. A blues maestro who plays with passion and soul. Drumming up cracking beats, Pete O’Driscoll’s precision with the sticks is phenomenal. Paul Collins, the sax man who is also a master of keyboards. Once you hear those golden notes of his sax you never forget his playing.”
Flicky Harrison, Swindon Advertiser

Having two distinct and fairly opposing voices fronting the band is one of the big selling points. Anish Noble–Harrison provides a soaring, blues diva dimension contrasting with the dark, earthy and sometimes sinister delivery of Pete Cousins.” Dave Franklin, Swindon Advertiser/Green Man Music

Pete Cousins is the best thing to come out of Swindon since Diana Dors.”
Nick Fogg, Marlborough Jazz Festival

That’s entertainment.”
Alan Burston D.J.